AirSWIFT Advisory [As of January 15]
Cancellation of January 15 (Sunday) flights due to inclement weather in El Nido.ย 

T60142 MNL-ENI 15:20
T60151 ENI- MNL 17.20
T60336 ENI-CEB 14:00
T60337 CEB-ENI 16:10
T60149 ENI-MNL 18:20
T60130 MNL-ENI 11:00
T60143 ENI-MNL 13:10
T60146 MNL-ENI 15:10
T60153 ENI-MNL 17:35
T60154 MNL-ENI 18:40
T60155 ENI-MNL 20:40

Affected passengers are advised to coordinate with our airport personnel for their flight options. For further inquiries or clarifications you may call our reservation agents (02)53185940 or +639178168763.