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How do I book a flight?

* Flights can be booked either:
– online via
– through our Call Centre at hotline numbers (+632) 53185940, or
– through any of our Authorized Travel Agents.
* However, we strongly recommend you to book online via in order to enjoy our lowest fares.

Can I book flights for other passenger through online using my credit/debit card account?

* YES. All you need to do is enter their contact details and personal information (details of guest travelling) in the correct fields. Please ensure that the details are accurate to avoid any inconvenience later on.
* Our online booking facility does not require the card holder to be the passenger or a member of the travelling party.

How many passengers can I book online?

* You can book up to a maximum of nine (9) passengers (adults and children included) per transaction.
* If there are more passengers travelling together, book the remaining passengers after the completion of booking for the first nine (9) passengers.
* You may also email us at for booking of 10 passengers above.

How would I know if I made a successful booking?

* A confirmation page will be prompted on your screen.
* You will also receive an e-ticket itinerary receipt at the time of ticket purchase. E-ticket must have ticket number and book code.
* Confirmation from our payment gateway will be sent if successful payment.

Will I receive an e-ticket itinerary receipt when booking a flight and buying a ticket online?

* YES. Our internet booking engine is a fully  automated online booking and ticketing facility which accepts bookings, confirms the flight selected, processes credit/debit c* YES. Our internet booking engine is a fully automated online booking and ticketing facility which accepts bookings, confirms the flight selected, processes credit/debit card used for payment, issues the electronic ticket(s) and sends the Confirmation Summary and Itinerary Receipt to the buyer; all in one go.ard used for payment, issues the electronic ticket(s) and sends the Confirmation Summary and Itinerary Receipt to the buyer; all in one go.

Can I purchase an open (undated) ticket booking?

* “NO. We are unable to allow open ticket bookings. All booking made must be confirmed with a flight number and date.”

Can I make a multi-city or "open-jaw" booking online?

YES. You can make a multi-city or “open-jaw” booking online only on AirSWIFT Network.

Can I book first and decide on the baggage option later?

YES. You may book your flights first and add on the baggage option later on through “Manage My Booking” section on or before 4 hours of scheduled departure time.

I have made a booking but I did not receive any confirmation of my itinerary via e-mail. What should I do?

* Once a booking has been completed online, you should receive an e-mail confirmation with your travel itinerary within 24 hours.
* If you still haven’t received anything after 24 hours, call our Call Centre hotline at (+632) 53185940 or you may email us

How do I retrieve my flight itinerary?

Click on “Manage my booking” section on our homepage and enter your booking code and last name.

What should I do, if I lose my ticket or electronic ticket?

Send us an email to and present valid ID of at least one passenger, payment confirmation or official receipt, itinerary details and complete details of all passengers.

I purchased a ticket from a travel agent. Can I view my booking online?

Use “Manage My Booking” feature to review all bookings, booked online or through a travel agent.

How do I generate an invoice for my booking?

For passengers who would like a receipt for their transaction, please contact our Call Center Hotline at (+632) 5318 5940

What is a Group Booking?

Group booking is a group of passengers traveling together in one flight (same flight/itinerary)

How many guests are considered as a group?

Minimum of ten (10) passengers is considered as a group.

How may I request for a group booking?

* You may either contact our Group Sales Desk at (+632) 53185940 or
* Send an email to

What are the requirements of a Group Booking?

* Group must provide the following information:
– Total Number of Guests
– Specific/Preferred Flight i.e. destination, travel date and time, etc
– Contact Person / Group Coordinator
– Contact Details (Address, Telephone Number, Fax no., Mobile No.)
– Email Address

What is the processing time for group rate requests?

Group booking request will be processed within 2-3 working days upon receipt of complete information.

Are PROMO Fares applicable to group?

NO. Promo Fares are not applicable to groups since Promo Fare is on book and buy basis and seats are limited only.

What is your definition of a newborn/infant/child/minor/adult?

Category Age on the date of travel
* Newborn Less than eight (8) days old
* Infant eight (8) days old to below two (2) years old
* Child Two (2) years old to below twelve (12) years old
* Minor Twelve (12) years old to below eighteen (18) years old
* Adult Eighteen (18) years old and above

What are the restrictions, conditions and fees under each category?

* Newborn
– Newborn babies will NOT be accepted for travel under any circumstances.
* Infant
– An infant may travel with an adult by sitting on the adult’s lap. An infant fee per sector is payable
– A maximum of one (1) infant per adult is allowed for travel.
– No baby seats or bassinets are allowed in the aircraft cabin. Infants will be strapped to the adult with a seatbelt extension, during takeoff, landing and whenever required.
– Most authorities (airport security, customs, immigrations, etc) allow a reasonable amount of milk or baby formula to be carried onboard for an infant’s consumption. If in doubt, please check with the relevant authorities.
– Infants do not qualify for baggage allowance as they are not fare paying passengers.
– You may purchase a seat for your infant at the prevailing adult rates. Besides getting more space, Need to coordinate with ASD/CC you can also purchase a prepaid Baggage allowance for your infant. However, the infant must be seated on your lap with the seatbelt extension fastened during takeoff, landing and whenever required.
* Child
– A child must be accompanied by an adult in the same booking.
– There must be at least one (1) adult to travel with and take full responsibility for every 5 children.
– For safety reasons, seats may be reassigned to ensure that each child is seated next to at least one (1) adult.
– A child may be accepted for travel without being accompanied by an adult, provided the child’s parent/guardian signs an indemnity form and presents it personally during check in. This provides us an opportunity to verify the parent/guardian’s identity and presence. The parent/guardian would have to remain at the airport until the flight has departed. This ensures that, in the unlikely event the flight has to return to base due to a disruption, the parent/guardian is available to care for the child.
– Full adult fares and all applicable taxes and charges will apply.
* Minor
– A minor may travel unaccompanied as an adult. However, they do not qualify to take responsibility and care for infants and children for travel.
– Full adult fares and all applicable taxes and charges will apply.

Can I bring my baby's pushchair/stroller/pram onboard?

NO. You must check-in your baby’s pushchairs/strollers/prams and you must observe the following procedures: Parent/guardian signs an indemnity form and presents it personally during check-in. This provides us
– It must be checked in just like your baggage at the check in counter and be tagged.
– Passsenger have an option to check in right away or to pass it to the ground staff either at the bottom of the steps (airport without aerobridges) or at the aircraft door (airport with aerobridges) who will then place it in the hold of the aircraft for storage.
– Depending on the airport you arrive at, the pushchairs/strollers/prams can be either made available at the bottom of the steps, outside the aircraft door or at the baggage carousel.

Is there a checked baggage allowance for infants?

Infants are not allocated any free baggage allowance, since infants are not allocated seats as they travel on an adult’s lap. However, we allow baby buggies/strollers/prams to be carried free of charge for those passenger travelling with infant.

Is there a minimum time period before a newborn baby and his/her mother are allowed to travel?

YES. For safety reasons, the baby must be at least eight (8) days old (on the date of travel for the first outbound flight). However, we may in our absolute discretion decide to allow carriag  if it is expressly sanctioned in writing by a medical practitioner or the relevant authorities subject to the parent signing a Limited Liability Statement.
* As for the mother, her carriage is subject to doctor’s certificate of her fitness to fly post pregnancy. It is the duty of the mother to inform us of her condition at the point of check in. We reserve the right to procure a Limited Liability Statement in this situation before allowing carriage. In case of ceasarian section, we allow the passenger 16 days after the surgery with medical certificate that she is fit to travel.

What is the limit of number of infants on board each flight?

* AirSWIFT limits the number of infants allowed on each flight to four (4) infants as we carry only a certain number of infant life vests on board each of our aircraft.
* This is to ensure the safety of every single adult, child and infant guest in the rare chance of emergency.

Can I book a ticket for an infant?

* YES. You can book a ticket for an infant if he/she is from 8days old to less than 2 years old at the point of travel.
* Each infant in the booking must travel with an adult who is 18 years of age or older at the time of departure.
* Infant who will be accompanied by 12 years old to below 18 years old must travel with one adult.

Can my child be seated in a car seat during the flight?

* A child can seat in a car seat during the flight, but only granted the approval of the cabin crew, and the car seat has appropriate certificates from CAAP or FAA approval.
* In case of travel with infant with seat, passenger should take his own car seat for a travel.

Can I take food for an infant onboard?

* If you are travelling with an infant you can take food for your child. In such cases the restriction of liquid containers holding no more than 100ml does not apply.
* NOTE: Because you will be taking onboard greater amount of liquids you will go through a more restrictive security check at the airport.

Can I book a ticket for a child?

* Children may travel alone, but only if they are 12 years or older.
* Younger children (less then 12 years old) may travel with the assistance of a cabin crew.
* NOTE: A child travelling alone with the assistance of a cabin crew, requires a purchase of an additional fee

How can I book assistance from a cabin crew for my child?

* If you want your child to travel with the assistance of a cabin crew, you can purchase our “Unaccompanied Minor Service” which is not available on AirSWIFT’s website.
* If you wish to purchase the service please contact AirSWIFT’s Call Centre, Ticket Offices or selected travel agencies.
* NOTE: Purchase of the service is possible at least 24 hours prior to departure. We recommend that you purchase the assistance as soon as possible – the number of children travelling with the airline’s assistance is limited.

Can my older child be a guardian for the younger child?

A passenger who is 18 years of age can be a guardian for a child under 12 years of age.

What is the baggage allowance for infants with seat?

* Infants are entitled to one piece of baggage, up to 10kg
* You can also check in a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair and carry-cot or car seat for free.

Are baby amenities available on board?

NO. Baby amenities such as diapers, disposable bibs, feeding bottles, and baby wipes are NOT available on board. It is suggested you bring your own.

Are special seats (pushchair) available for infants?

As infants are required to travel on the lap of their guardians with special infant seatbelts provided by cabin crew to ensure safe travel of our infants, we do not provide separate seats for infants unless they want to pay for a seat.

Can I bring my stroller into the cabin?

Your stroller can only be carried as checked baggage in the aircraft hold. 

What is Advance Seat Selector?

Advance Seat Selector is a special service offered by AirSWIFT that allows you to pre reserve your seat at a minimal cost. With this service you are allowed to choose where you want to sit, may it be window, aisle or if you are traveling with your family or friends you can be seated together

What are the different Seat Selection products?

* PREMIUM SEAT WITH EXTRA LEG ROOM/EMERGENCY EXIT ROW SEATS that are located at the front exit rows of the cabin which allow passengers more space to stretch and rest their legs. Subject to assessment of qualification upon check in.
* PREMIUM SEAT/EMERGENCY EXIT ROW SEAT that are located in the back exit rows of the cabin where passengers can disembark the fastest and easiest. Subject to assessment of qualification upon check in.
* REGULAR SEAT is any window or aisle seat that is available.

Who may purchase the Advance Seat Selector?

* The Advance Seat Selectior is available to passengers holding confirmed tickets.
* Passengers may purchase the seats in advance for increased comfort and convenience during the flight.

How do I pre-select or request for a specific seat?

* You can pre-select or request your specific seat:
– during your online booking and ticket purchase or
– by requesting Advance Seat Selector when purchasing your tickets through our Call Centre
* If your booking has already been completed, please contact our call centre for assistance or by using the “Manage My Booking” function on our website at least four (4) hours before your scheduled flight departure time.

How can I select my seat if I booked my flight through a Travel Agency?

If you booked your flight through our authorized Travel Agents you can select your seat by calling our Call Centre number at (+632) 53185940 and ask for assistance from one of our Customer Service Agents.

I’m changing my flight(s). Do I need to select a seat again?

YES. You need to select a seat again and pay the corresponding Advance Seat Selector fee.

Is the Advance Seat Selector fee refundable?

* NO. If passenger voluntarily cancels or changed his flight the Advance Seat Selector fee is non-refundable and consequently forfeited
* However, if AirSWIFT cancels or changes your flight and we are unable to offer a comparable seat, you are entitled to a refund.

How will a merged flight affect guests holding the same seat number?

In the event of a merged flight, the Advance Seat Select fee will be fully refunded to the guest whose flight has been cancelled. The guest will not be able to get the same seat allocation in the revised flight.

What happens if I checked-in online without a pre-booked seat?

* You will be allowed to check-in online but the system will assign a seat for you randomly.
* Note that if you are in a group and check in online without a pre-booked seat, you may not necessarily be seated together.

Can I change the seat after I have made the selection?

YES. You may change the seat via “Manage My Booking” subject to availability.

Can I pre-book my seat if I have special needs/reduced mobility or vision impairment?

* YES. You may avail of the Advance Seat Select at the time of booking, or upon check-in, subject to availability. However, due to safety and comfort, passengers with special needs, reduced mobility or vision impairment shall not be seated at emergency exits, and additionally passengers who are immobile shall not be seated across the aisle from one another. We highly recommend that you pre-book seats when you purchase your flights. If you are traveling with friends or family, pre-booking your seats ensures you will be seated together. Subject for assessment upon check in.

Can I purchase an emergency exit row seat?

* YES. You may purchase seats in the exit row if you are able to fulfill the requirements below.
* Passengers seated on emergency exit rows are responsible for quickly and efficiently opening the exit hatch in cases of urgent crisis. To ensure the safety of passengers, The Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation and other rules and regulations require passengers in exit rows to be:
– At least 15 years of age
– Fit and able-bodied capable and willing to assist our cabin crew in case of emergency
– Able to comprehend printed and verbal instructions in English
– Willing to perform other necessary functions in case of an emergency

Are pre-selected seats guaranteed?

* AirSWIFT will always do its best to honor advance seating requests. However, circumstances in compliance with operational, safety, and security concerns may require us to re-assign seats, regretfully sometimes even after boarding of the aircraft
* In this case, we will make sure to provide an alternative seat of the same value, otherwise, we shall refund your Advance Seat Selection payment.

I am a senior citizen passenger and require the use of a wheelchair. Do I have to pay for the Advance Seat Selection?

* The Seat Selection products identified above are reserved only for paying passengers and passengers requiring the following special assistance:
– Passengers with very limited or no mobility in the cabin
– Passengers needing assistance throughout the flight and traveling with a personal companion. The companion will be provided an adjacent seat.
– Blind or vision-impaired and hearing impaired passenger
– Passenger with infant on lap
– Passenger with infant on lap and one child. The child will be provided an adjacent seat.
* We may secure a preferred Seat for you upon payment of the corresponding fee.

We are travelling as a group. Will we be seated together?

To ensure your group is seated together, you may purchase any of your preferred Seats in advance. Otherwise, you may reserve any remaining seat available free of charge upon check-in.

What is Pre-paid Baggage?

Prepaid Baggage is a special service offered by AirSWIFT which allows you to pre-pay your checked baggage.

How do I avail of this service and what are the rates?

* Pre-paid Baggage can be sold between the time of booking up to four (4) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time through the following:
– Manage booking via the website at
– Call Centre Hotlines at (+632) 53185940
– Email us at
* If you have already checked-in prior to the four (4) hours cut-off time you can no longer avail of the Pre-paid Baggage facility.
* Refer to our “Fares & Fees Summary” for specific details.

Is Pre-paid Baggage refundable?

* If you voluntarily cancel your flight, Pre-paid Baggage fee will not be refunded and is forfeited.
* If the airline cancels your flight and you decide to take the alternate flight offered by the airline, your prepaid baggage allowance will be accommodated to your alternate flight. Should you decide not to take the alternate flight, Pre paid Baggage fee will be refunded.

Is Prepaid Baggage rebookable?

* If you voluntarily change or rebook your flight, Pre-paid Baggage fee will be forfeited.
* If flight was rebookable the airline, then your pre-paid baggage will also be transferred to your new flight.

Is Prepaid Baggage reroutable?

* If you voluntarily re-route your booking, Prepaid Baggage fee will be forfeited.
* If flight was rerouted by the airline, then your pre-paid baggage will also be transferred to your new flight.

What if the actual weight of the baggage I checked-in exceeds more than the Prepaid Baggage I purchased?

If the actual weight of your baggage upon check-in exceeds the pre-paid baggage weight category, the standard excess baggage fee will apply on the weight difference.

Can I purchase different types of Pre-paid baggage in one booking?

NO. You can only purchase one size of pre-paid baggage per sector.

How do I upsize my baggage?

* You may upsize your baggage up to 20kg, for a fee.
* You can do this by:
– logging on ” Manage My Booking’ up to four (4) hours prior to your scheduled flightdeparture time.
– calling our Call Centre up to four (4) hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.
* Once purchased, the Baggage Upsize Fee is non-refundable.

If I have purchased 20kg but decided to change to 15 kg, can I receive a refund?

NO. Once baggage weight has been purchased it is non-refundable and downsizing is not

For my outbound flight I will be checking in 15kg and 20kg for the return. How much weight should I pre-book?

* If your ticket category entitles you to a free baggage allowance of 10kg each way, baggage upsize fee is charged per person each way.
* If you are not entitled to the 10kgs free baggage allowance, you will have to pre-purchase 15kg for the outbound flight and 20kg for the return flight. You can pre-book your baggage on “Manage My Booking”

What if I want to pre-book more than 15kg?

Just select the weight that you require and the system will charge you according to the weight selected. Our pre-book checked baggage options are as follows: 15kg 20kg

What is the maximum amount of checked baggage allowance that I can pre-book online?

You can pre-book online up to a maximum of twenty (20)kg of baggage per passenger.

I did not avail of Prepaid Baggage when I booked online, can I still purchase Prepaid Baggage?

YES. You may purchase prepaid baggage up to four (4) hours before your scheduled flight departure time.

Can guests travelling as a group be allowed to pool their prepaid baggage allowance?

YES. As long as everyone in the group is booked under one record locator and they are all present at time of check-in.

I was not able purchase any prepaid baggage, can I check-in baggage at the last hour at the airport?

* To save on baggage charges, pre-book online and save at least 50%.
* Please refer to our “Fee Schedule” for the applicable excess baggage charges.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is your protection in the event that an accident or sickness occur while you are travelling outside or within the Philippines.

What are the benefits of having a Travel Insurance?

The Travel Insurance will keep you worry-free given the numerous benefits under the international and domestic travel where losses of money/belongings and accident are covered.

When does your Travel Insurance begin and end?

The Insured is covered whilst travelling, the coverage commences upon entry to the origin airport and terminates upon exit at the destination airport.

Can I take a flight if I don’t have travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a voluntary option available to our customers. It is not mandatory and, therefore, you are able to travel without it.

Do I need to take my insurance policy with me when I travel?

You do not have to take your policy with you when you travel, but you do need to know your policy number.

What is AirSWIFT's Travel Insurance?

AirSWIFT has partnered with FPG Travel Insurance

What is the age limit for a person covered under FPG Travel Insurance?

For Domestic Travel covers up to 75 years old

What are the benefits covered by the FPG Travel Insurance?

* Depending on premium paid, the insurance coverage are as follows:
– Accidental Death/Disablement
– Unprovoked Murder & Assault
– Accidental Medical Reimbursement
– Accidental Burial Benefits
– Trip Cancellation
– Trip Curtailment
– Flight Delay
– Baggage Delay
– Loss of Baggage & Personal Effects

What incidents are the generally excluded from the insurance benefits?

* The following incidents are excluded from the coverage:
– Motorcycling, riding or driving in any kind of race, all professional sports and air travel ( other than passenger on a scheduled commercial flight), hitchhiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking/trekking in remote areas and underwater activities.
– Death or injury related to pregnancy, AIDS, self-inflicted injury or illness, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse and pre-existing condition.
– War, mutiny, revolution, insurrection, rebellion, military or usurped power, strike, riot and civil commotion.
– Military or air force operations.
– Nuclear hazard
– Medical treatment is the main purpose of the trip.
– Illness that requires treatment or consultation, 12 months prior to commencement of the trips are not covered.

Can I still buy Travel Insurance even if I have pre-existing condition?

Domestic travel does not cover pre-existing conditions.

How do I have travel insurance?

You can take out travel insurance from our website immediately after buying your flight ticket or completely independently from your ticket purchase.

How near to my date of travel can I buy travel insurance?

Your travel insurance policy must be issued before the start date of your trip.

Is it possible to get a refund on canceled travel insurance which was purchased with a ticket?

If there are valid reasons, your insurance policy can be canceled and you can obtain a refund on your payment.

How can I claim under the FPG Travel Insurance?

For Domestic Travel, you can call (+632) 859-1200 or (+632) 944-1300 for immediate assistance.

What is "Manage My Booking"?

“Manage My Booking” is a special feature offered online via which enables you to make flight adjustments on previously booked and ticketed itinerary on your own online at your convenience anytime, anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet connection and a computer, laptop and selected smartphones.

What does this online feature do and what changes can I do to my flight?

* Features of the “Manage My Booking” Tab are as follows:
– Check flight status;
– Check online booking status;
– Change Flight date and time;
– Update your contact details;
– Pre-book or upsize checked baggage allowance;
– Advance Seat Select or change seat selection;
– Purchase other ancillaries or add-ons which you deem necessary

How do I access the "Manage My Booking" feature?

* You can access the “Manage My Booking” feature in these simple steps:
– Simply visit our website at
– Click on the “Manage My Booking” menu on our home page banner
– Type in your Booking Reference and Last Name to retrieve your booking
– Click Retrieve your booking to start making changes to your flight or contact information

Will there be any charges if I make changes to my flight itinerary? How do I pay for them?

* Standard change fees and fare differences will still apply in case your desired change results in a higher fare.
* In cases where your desired change results in a lower fare, the excess amount you initially paid for your original itinerary is non refundable.
* You can conveniently pay for any charges using your valid credit or debit card to finalize changes.
* Please contact us immediately if you do not receive a payment confirmation from your credit or debit card company so we can help you finalize your transaction.

Until when can I make flight adjustments to my flight?

* For changes using the “Manage My Booking”online, the system will only accept flight changes until twenty four (24) hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.
* Adjustments less than twenty four (24) hours from your flight is considered as forfeited.

What do I need to prepare when I wish to make changes in my itinerary online?

* If you wish to make changes in your itinerary online, you need to have the following information on hand:
– Last Name of Passenger
– Booking Reference
* You must also have a valid credit card or debit card ready to settle any applicable charges for your new flight schedule or route.

Can I also manage/exchange ancillary services I purchased with my ticket such as advance seat selector, pre-paid baggage or travel insurance?

* Pre-paid baggage and advance seat selector are non-refundable, non-rebookable and non-reroutable. Changes in your itinerary will forfeit pre-arranged baggage and/or seats.
* For travel insurance, you may contact our reservations hotline at (+632) 53185940 to adjust the period of coverage.

How can I pay applicable fees for my adjusted itinerary, which was facilitated through the “Manage My Booking” feature online?

You must have a valid credit card or debit card ready to settle any applicable charges for your flight changes to complete your online “Manage My Booking” transaction(s) online.

I do not have a credit card. Is there another way for me to make flight adjustments on my flight schedule?

* Rebooking through “Manage My Booking” facility requires credit cards (Gcash, Visa, Master and JCB) to finalize changes.
* For cash transaction, you need to go to our ticketing office or accredited travel agents.

How do I make changes to my booking 24 hours before my flight?

* Have your Itinerary ready at the start of this process.
* Any amendments to a confirmed booking will attract a change fee, over and above payments chargeable for new purchases made.
* You can make the following booking changes on “Manage my Booking” via the website or calling directly our Call Centre hotline

Can I change destinations or routes once my ticket has been confirmed and issued?

* NO. Changes on destinations/routes are not allowed. You will need to purchase a new ticket and the original ticket will be subject for ticket restriction.

Can I change the time or date for my flight?

* YES. You may change flights up to twenty four (24) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, subject to the following conditions: – if the new flight booked is in a lower fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares will not be refunded to the guest – if the new flight booked is in a higher fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares shall be paid by the guest before the cancellation or change can be made – the change is not confirmed until it is reflected in your booking itinerary and payment is made – route or destination change is not allowed (i.e. changing flight from MNL-ENI to CRK-ENI).

Can I change the passenger name for just one or some of the flights in my ticket?

 * No, all tickets are non-transferrable. However, we allow to modify or update name of the passenger subject for a fee if proves that the passenger is same. A valid ID of passenger is required for verification.
* For group bookings or 10 passengers above, you may contact our Sales at (+632) 5318-5940 or email Name change are subject for applicable fees.

Can I change my flight date without confirming the new date?

NO. We do not offer open tickets. You will need to select a new flight date/time subject to the applicable charges.

Can I get a refund if I change my ticket to a cheaper flight that costs less?

No, refund will be made if the prevailing prices are lower. In addition, the fees for making changes will apply.

What change requests are not supported by "Manage My Booking" feature?

* Changes to the following bookings cannot be supported by the Manage My Booking feature:
– Tickets purchased through travel agencies
– Multi-city or open jaw bookings, i.e. where return flight is from a different airport/city than the one you arrived in.
– Cancellation and refunds

I booked a ticket for multiple passengers in one (1) booking reference number. I would like to change the itinerary of some of the passengers and cancel the booking for the rest who will no longer be joining us. Is this possible through the "Manage My Booking" feature?

* The “Manage My Booking” feature can only accept transactions where the same changes will be applied to all passengers in the same booking reference number.
* For multiple changes in one booking reference number or for cancellation/refunds, please contact our Call Center hotline or email us at

What mode of payment can I use to purchase a ticket online?

We accept Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa/JCB), GCash and Debit Cards.

Do you accept a Debit Card when booking and buying tickets online?

* YES. Debit cards bearing the Mastercard and VISA logos designed for internet/online transactions may be accepted online.
* Some debit cards intended for POS (Point of Sale) transaction cannot be used online. Please check with your card issuer before using your debit card online.

Can I pay in cash or check if I will book and buy online?

NO. You can only use Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa/JCB), GCash and Debit Cards to transact online.

When will you charge my credit/debit card?

* Your credit/debit card will be charged as soon as you complete the booking process and finalize your booking by entering your credit/debit card details.
* Your credit/debit card will also be charged even if you decide to change your booking or wish to apply for a refund.

Is my credit/debit card information secure?

YES. Our website uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your credit card transaction.

Why is my credit card declined? I have checked with my bank and was informed there wasn't any attempt of transaction from your side?

Payment authorization is given by your card issuing bank and beyond our control. Credit card payments may be declined for various reasons. However, due to the confidentiality between card issuing banks and cardholders, we may not be provided with the actual reasons. Therefore, it’s best that you contact your card issuing bank for verification.

The page hangs when attempting to proceed with payment. What should I do and how do I know if the booking and payment went through?

* Please verify with our Call Centre if your booking has been confirmed.
* If it is not, please check with your card issuing bank whether the transaction has been successful.

Do you accept international credit cards?

YES. We accept international credit cards.

How can I ensure if payment goes through in a 'Pending' status and I would not be charged twice?

* Please verify with our call centre on your booking status or use the “Manage my booking” function on our homepage.
* If payment is outstanding, you will be prompted to pay for your bookings when your itinerary is retrieved.

What can I do, if my online payment was rejected?

* If your payment was rejected, you can finish it by contacting our Call Center Hotline at (+632) 53185940.
* Be advised however, that you have 3 hours to conclude the payment, after which, your reservation will be cancelled.

When buying a ticket at AirSWIFT's website, is it possible to pay later (eg. in cash)?

NO. You need to pay for it while making the reservations Only then will the confirmation for the reservations and the e-ticket be sent out.

How can I get my money back if I cancel my ticket and am no longer with the company that issued the card I used to buy my ticket?

Normal refund proces will be charged back to the original card holder.

How can I get my refund if the card I purchased my ticket with has expired by the time I cancel my ticket?

Your refund shall be deposited only to your bank account name.

Can I change my payment method?

NO. The payment method cannot be changed once your payment has been processed. But you may use different payment methods to change your booking or to purchase add-ons at our “Manage My Booking” page.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Once your ticket has been purchased, ticket restriction shall apply.

Can I cancel my flight because I am ill or undergoing surgery?

* Unexpected situations arise involving illness or medical procedures.
* If you are unable to take your flight due to an illness or medical procedures before 24 hours of departure time, we will allow you to cancel your flight if you are able to provide doctor’s medical certificate stating that you are unable to fly.
* We will offer you either the value of the fare you paid in a credit account (or travel fund) for your future travel which must be utilized within three (3) months from the date of credit issuance, or refund you your full fare plus corresponding taxes and fees.
* However, pre-booked services such as advance seat, pre-paid baggage etc will not be refunded.

I’d purchased my ticket from a travel agent. Can I cancel this booking on

NO. You may contact your travel agency for cancellation request.

I’ve flown part of my itinerary. Can I cancel the remaining flights on my itinerary?

YES. Please email your cancellation request to
Note: Subject for ticket restrictions.

Why am I charged a cancellation fee?

Cancellation fees are imposed for certain tickets based on their fare conditions.

If the airline makes changes to my flight, how will I or other guests be informed?

* We have a team that informs the affected guests via SMS, email, and phone call.
* Therefore, it is very important that you update your Contact Details in your profile to ensure that we are able to advise you of any change in your flight.
* It is also good practice to check your itinerary on “Manage My Booking” for updates before you fly.

What is your policy if a flight is cancelled?

* We always do our best to adhere to the published schedule. We are fully aware that reschedules / cancellations not only disrupt your travel plans, it affects our on time performance too. However, just like any other airline, sometimes flights are cancelled for various reasons, which include inclement weather. In the event cancellation is unavoidable, guests can either:
– catch the next available flight without additional charges; or
– retain the value of the fare in a credit account where you can utilize the value within the next 3 months to book for flights within our travel calendar.
– or outright refund you of the total value of your ticket except booking fee and travel insurance if applicable. (Please refer to Fee Schedule)

Am I allowed more than one change at no extra fee?

If your flight has been rescheduled, you will be entitled to a one time option. Once this option is utilized, any additional or subsequent changes will be subjected to applicable fees and charges.

If I missed my advised rescheduled flight, can I amend my booking for free?

NO. Subject for ticket restriction.

What are my rights and options pertaining to schedule changes/cancellations?

* In case of flight changes and cancellations, you will be covered by the Air Passenger Bill of Rights prepared and issued by the Philippine Civil Aviation Board together with the Department of Transportation and Communications.
* As the benefits of the provisions are basic and limited, we encourage you to consider buying the appropriate insurance to suit your needs.

What are my rights and options pertaining to schedule changes/cancellations?

If you have a connecting flight that you will miss due to the delay or cancellation, please approach our airport customer service agent for assistance. For passengers with connecting flight, please ensure your have 4 hours to minimum.


Am I permitted to use any electronic items onboard the flight?

* For safety reasons, during take off and landing we forbid the operation of electronic equipment onboard our aircraft.

* Such items include but not limited to, cellular phones, smart phones and tablets, laptop computers, electronic games or transmitting devices such as radio-controlled toys and walkie talkies.

* Operation of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is permitted.

* You may use your laptop after the captain has completed take off, but for all other equipment please check with our friendly cabin crew if you are unsure.

Is the smoking and carrying of electronic cigarettes allowed in the flight?

Smoking in any form, including electronic cigarettes and Vapes are prohibited on all AirSWIFT flights.

What are Dangerous Goods?

* Dangerous goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons onboard the aircraft.

* Dangerous Goods are also known as restricted articles, hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Dangerous Goods must not be carried in (or as) passenger or crew-checked baggage or carry-on baggage, except as indicated in the “Restricted Items” Tab. Civil Aviation Regulations forbid the carriage of most items of Dangerous Goods onto an aircraft. We may agree to carry firearms and ammunition as checked baggage. If we do these items must be packed in accordance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

*Refer to “Restricted Items” Tab for more detailed information on items that are allowed and not allowed to be carried as hand carry or checked baggage.

Are there doctors on duty on your flights?

Unfortunately, there are no doctors on duty on our flights.

Can I get first aid treatment during the flight?

* Our cabin crews have all received first aid training. If first aid intervention is thought to be necessary and appropriate during the flight, they will provide medical intervention.

*However, we would like to stress that no intervention will be made in the air if first aid treatment is not sufficient or appropriate for dealing with the situation.

What should I do when I need to take my medication during the flight?

You just need to show a member of the cabin crew your doctor’s report stating that you need to take the medication during the flight.


What is the procedure for the collection of baggage?

* You should collect your Baggage as soon as it is available for collection at your port of arrival.

* If Checked Baggage is not claimed within thirty (30) days of the time it was made available to you, we may dispose of it without any liability to you. Only the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag is entitled to delivery of Baggage.

* If a person claiming the Baggage is unable to produce a Baggage Identification Tag for identification of the Baggage, we will deliver the Baggage to such person only on condition that we deem the person to be the rightful owner. If required by us, he/she will provide adequate security to indemnify us for any loss, damage or expense which may be incurred by us as a result of such delivery.

* Acceptance of baggage by the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag without complaint at the time of delivery is prima facie evidence that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage between us.

My baggage is DELAYED, what should I do?

* DELAYED baggage means your baggage was not loaded onto the flight you just took. The reason why your baggage was not loaded onto the flight is usually due to safety or technical considerations.

* As soon as baggage stops coming through the carousel, you should immediately approach one of our customer service officers. Please provide our customer service officer with your baggage tag that was given to you at the time of check-in to enable us to track your baggage. A form will be given to you and upon completion you will be given a Property Irregularity Report number.

*If your baggage is found, we will make the necessary arrangements to deliver it to your local address provided in the PIR form as and when it arrives. Arrangements will also be made to assist you should items of baggage arrive damaged.

* To avoid any unpleasant experience or further inconvenience during your trip, we would strongly recommend you to obtain adequate travel insurance cover before you fly.

My baggage is DAMAGED, what should I do?

* If your baggage is DAMAGED, you should immediately approach one of our customer service agent BEFORE you leave the airport. Details of the damage to your baggage will be recorded and you will be offered immediate assistance, if necessary. Note that damage to accessories and wear and tear may not be covered by us.

* For claims of damage, we must be given the opportunity to examine your damaged bag at the material time.

* To avoid any unpleasant experience or further inconvenience during your trip, we would strongly recommend you to obtain adequate travel insurance cover before you fly.

My baggage is MISSING, what should I do?

* Your baggage will be declared MISSING after a period of seven (7) days from the date of the PIR (Property Irregularity Report).

* You will be contacted by our Customer Service Agent for further action.

* For missing baggage enquiries only, you may contact our customer service staff at(+632) 53185940

* As an airline’s liabilities may be limited by International Treaties, we recommend that you consider purchasing the appropriate Travel Insurance Plan before your trip.

* If you have purchased a Travel Insurance Plan, kindly check on what and how to claim for your missing baggage.

Will I be compensated for lost items?

* Note that we do not accept any responsibility for personal belongings misplaced or lost on board the aircraft or in the airport terminal. All items carried by you are solely at your own risk. Any items found on board will be forwarded to the lost property offices at the respective airports. Any items found at the airport terminal will be handed over to the airport authorities.

* We advise you not to check-in items such as: money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware, electronic devices, computers, cameras, video equipment, mobile phones, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, passports and other identification documents, title deeds, artefacts, manuscripts and the like. If you check in such items, you do so at your own risk entirely.

* We recommend that you consider purchasing the appropriate Travel Insurance Plan to travel with peace and to plan for unforseen circumstances.

I left something on the plane. Can I get it back?

* If you realize that you left an important item onboard the plane, please notify our Customer Service Agent before leaving the airport so he or she can try to retrieve the item.

* If you’ve left the airport, please contact our Call Center Hotline and provide detailed information regarding the item (i.e. model/serial number, brand, size, color, etc.).

* If you provide an email address you will receive regular communication on the status of the search for your item and will be contacted via email and phone if it’s located.

* If you do not provide an email address you will only be contacted by phone if your item is located.

* If we have not located your item within 30 days from the time it was reported, it is not likely that it was turned in.

Am I entitled to a refund after I have bought a ticket?

Yes, subject to ticket restrictions.

How can I request for a refund?

* You can submit your refund request by sending an email to refund

* For tickets purchased through travel agents, please contact your travel agent.

If a member of my family is taken ill and I no longer wish to travel due to this, am I entitled to a refund?

Yes, subject to ticket restrictions and applicable fees.

Can I get a refund from a partially used ticket?

* Subject to fare rules, tickets that qualify for a partial refund will be refunded to the credit card or bank account charged to the original ticket.

* For clarification, you may call our Call Center Hotline or email your query to

If I have a duplicate booking, can I request for a refund?

You can request for a refund for a duplicate booking if: 

* You have accidentally made more than one (1) booking for the same guest, destination, date, and time or

* Accidentally made the same booking after 24 hours or

* Used a different payment method which resulted in two bookings with different booking numbers.

If one of the passengers in my group recently passed away, can we get full refund for the whole group?

An unused ticket of a deceased passenger may be refunded in full upon presentation of a death certificate. However, the remaining passengers of the group may refund, subject to ticket restrictions.

If I have purchased add-on services, can I request for a refund?

NO. Add-on services are non refundable

How do I check my refund status?

* Once we have processed your refund request, an email from will be sent to you.

* Please note that the time frame of our refund process usually takes up to 30-45 working days (subject to respective bank procedures).

How will I receive my refund?

After a request has been processed, please expect to receive your refund in the same form your payment was made.

* If payment was made in cash, the refund shall be given through bank deposit.

* Kindly provide us with the following details for bank transfer transaction.

Payee’s address:
Payee’s contact number:
Bank Account Name: (First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)
Bank Account Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Swift Code: (usually obtained from the bank)
Bank Account Currency:

* If payment was made through credit card, it shall be refunded through the credit card used to pay for the ticket. Should the credit card used already be expired or cancelled, please confirm your arrangement with the credit card company.

* If payment was coursed through a Travel Agency, please confirm your arrangement with them.


How do I calculate for the refund value?

* For refundable ticket, the residual refund value will be the difference between the fare paid and the applicable fare of the flown segment, less refund surcharge.

* The refundable taxes/fees/charges imposed by governments or airport authorities for unused sector(s) will be fully refunded without refund penalty, including non-refundable tickets as well.

Is there any cancellation fee?

Cancellation fee may be applied when refunding your ticket. However, the refundable taxes/fees/charges imposed by governments or airport authorities for unused sector(s) will be fully refunded without refund penalty. This policy applies to non-refundable tickets as well. Booking fees are non-refundable.

Why am I charged a cancellation/refund fee?

Cancellation/refund fees are imposed for certain tickets based on their fare conditions.

If I’m unable to fly due to a medical condition and I’m no longer able to travel, can I request for a refund?

YES, provided you have relevant supporting documents. A cancellation fee may apply.

What is your cut-off time for accepting outbound cargo?

Outbound cargo must be with us at least three (3) hours before the scheduled flight time departure.

How can I arrange a shipment with AirSWIFT Cargo?

To arrange a shipment, please call our Cargo Hotline at (+632) 53185980

Do you have a door to door cargo service?

NO. We only provide an airport to airport cargo service.

How do I track my shipment?

* Please call (+632) 53185980 to track your shipment

* To speed up shipment tracking, please have your shipment’s air waybill number on hand.

Do you charge storage fee for unclaimed cargo?

YES. We begin charging a storage fee after three (3) days from the arrival date.

Can I send a representative to claim my cargo?

YES. A representative may pick up your cargo. Please ensure that s/he brings the following:

* Authorization letter signed by you

* Photocopy of a valid ID that belongs to you, with your signature

* ID of your representative

Do you accept valuable items?

The following items are acceptable subject to conditions:

* Cellular phone

* Passport

* Seaman’s Book

The following are not allowed:

* Cash

* Jewelry