AirSWIFT is represented by the Palawan Swiftlet, as a tribute to our roots as an airline. El Nido itself is Spanish for “the nest”, as a reference to the nests built by the Palawan Swiftlets on the distinct limestone cliffs and rock formations of Bacuit Bay, off the northwestern tip of Palawan Island. This particular species of bird is known to be fast, nurturing, and can navigate adeptly even in complete darkness — qualities that we at AirSWIFT admire.

As the leading boutique brand in the airline industry, our corporate values and commitment to our stakeholders can be quickly summarized as follows: S. W. I. F. T.

S = Safety-oriented culture that meets global standards

AirSWIFT prioritizes aviation safety and your peace of mind above all else. Unique among smaller boutique commercial airline operators, we received ISO 9001:2015 Certification for our Quality Management System in 2014 and passed our most recent ISO surveillance audit in October 2015 with flying colors. We are fully committed to maintaining our ISO certification and are already planning for upgrading to the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation standard.

We adhere to quality, safety and security standards that are much more stringent than what is required by our local regulators – the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) – and we are able to meet or exceed the very high standards set by some of the largest and most safety and quality conscious European multinational companies. We conform to international aviation standards such as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) and these are implemented in all aspects of our operations. In addition, the maintenance checking on our aircraft is carried out by Aviation Partnership Philippines Corporation ( A+ Philippines), the local subsidiary of SIA Engineering Company, the global maintenance organization of Singapore Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

W = World-class team of experienced professionals

Our AirSWIFT Flight Operations and Quality and Safety teams are led by two extremely seasoned aviation professionals with more than 80 years in combined experience in the aviation industry. We have a team of 13 Captains and First Officers that are highly experienced in operating our aircraft and who undergo initial trainings in Toulouse, France and recurrency trainings in Bangkok, Thailand every 6 months. Our technical and support personnel receive continuous maintenance training for airframes and engines as well as flight technical and flight safety systems.

Our team is focused on maintaining and developing superior skills set competencies in our personnel and promoting operational quality and safety above all as we strive to be the leisure aviation company of choice in the Philippines.

I = Innovative approach that embraces technology and sustainability

AirSWIFT’s fleet utilizes the ATR 42-500, a French-Italian made aircraft known for its durability, performance, and generous weight capacity. In 2016, AirSWIFT will take delivery of a brand new ATR 42-600, the first of its kind to be operated in the Philippines with an enhanced “glass cockpit” that makes it easier for our pilots to monitor all critical flight and safety systems.

We will also be implementing a sophisticated area navigation system called RNAV, which makes use of a combination of GPS, aircraft-based, and ground-based electronic systems in all our aircraft. Compared with flying only using a single pre-determined flight path using ground-based navigation aids, this will allow us to implement safer and more flexible landing approaches, especially in conditions of poor weather or low visibility.

Internally, we recently acquired and deployed a world-class software platform that allows us to fully integrate engineering, purchasing and inventory systems. We likewise invested in reservation system that has resulted in real-time access to critical information and provides us with maximum flexibility in booking and ticketing including online channels like our website.

AirSWIFT continues to be the preferred air service provider for the famed El Nido chain of resorts. Working together, we collaborate with the local community to protect the environment and conserve the natural beauty of the area through an ongoing and successful Be Green Program.

F = Friendly, flexible and personalized service commitment

At AirSWIFT, we understand that travel is a very personal thing. We believe that travel is an experience that must be tailor fit to suit your individual needs. After all, you’re not just an ordinary passenger when you fly with us. You are a special guest, and as such, deserving of meticulous attention as soon as you book your ticket.

With this personalized commitment comes a flexibility that is unmatched by larger commercial carriers as we understand that every discerning traveler has unique requirements. Let us know if you have any specific requests and we will exert every effort to accommodate these.

This commitment is also the foundation of our strong partnership with the multi-awarded El Nido Resorts group. This has also opened doors for us to serve the aviation needs of other island resorts, multinational corporations and even international cargo companies who frequently tap our capabilities to service their various charter requirements.

T = Trust and integrity in everything that we do

Above all, we pride ourselves in adhering to the highest levels of integrity in all that we do. Trust and integrity are the bedrock of our core corporate values and we believe that transparency and fairness in our dealings with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and the communities we affect is the only way to operate a commercial airline. Our customers place their trust in us every single day and this is a great responsibility that we are proud to honor in return. The ethical standards we impose on ourselves and on every single person who contributes to the services we provide are second to none and underpins our approach to safety, quality and customer satisfaction. More than just making good business sense, this is simply the right thing to do.