Your Most Convenient Gateway to Some of the World’s Most Iconic Destinations

Manila, Philippines — The new normal has greatly affected travel in the Philippines and all over the world yet as the economy slowly rises back with the best of its ability, so is the local travel and tourism industry. Restrictions are still in place but with hopes brought about by the vaccine, people are slowly considering making their postponed travel plans happen.

This is where AirSwift flies in.

AirSwift aims to make the most impactful landing in the minds of local jetsetters and wanderers. Catering flights to Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Coron; and the only airline that offers direct flights to El Nido, Palawan, AirSwift continues to prove that they are indeed the only local boutique airline at par with the bigger names in the aviation industry.

Your safety, our priority

In these unprecedented times of travel restrictions due to COVID 19, AirSwift continues to prove their commitment to safety and utmost customer satisfaction. Up to date, this boutique airline from the Philippines has safely flown over 4,000 guests to El Nido and back through the Travel Bubble, enabling tourists to make their Palawan travel plans happen through a test-before-travel policy.

Making Travel Plans Happen

Airswift has recently partnered with Turista PH, another rising local brand that aims to make travelling as normal as possible despite the changes brought about by the current situation. This partnership will soar high as it sparks the drive once again to explore The Philippines’ most iconic and globally renowned destinations in the safest and most secure way possible.

Airswift complies with global safety aviation measures by constantly making sure that the airline’s Safety Protocols are at par with international standards. Meanwhile, Turista PH provides the most convenient way of booking flights, planning itineraries, sharing content, and even scheduling necessary testings and other health requirements all in one platform.

Through this joint venture and the pure passion to revive the local hospitality and tourism industry, AirSwift can confidently bring a semblance of how traveling once was, in this new normal.