AirSWIFT Advisory: Cancellation of flights due to inclement weather (as of July 27, 8:00AM)

To our valued passengers, we regret to inform you that we are cancelling the following AirSWIFT Airlines’ flights due to intensified wind forecast caused by typhoon Egay.

July 27
T60114 MNL-ENI
T60121 ENI-MNL
T60127 ENI-MNL
T60122 MNL-ENI
T60143 ENI-MNL
T60142 MNL-ENI
T60149 ENI-MNL
T60112 MNL-ENI
T60610 ENI-TAG
T60611 TAG-ENI
T60126 MNL-ENI
T60210 ENI-CRK
T60211 CRK-ENI
T60153 ENI-MNL
T60710 MNL-TBH
T60711 TBH-MNL
T60539 USU-ENI
T60538 ENI-USU

AirSWIFT Airlines offers the following options,
1. Rebooking via and click manage your booking (rebooking is subject to seat availability)
2. Refund your ticket. Charges will be waived for the affected segment only.
3. Avail of the Travel Fund valid for 2 years.
4. Call our hotline at (02)53185940 or +639178168763, email us at

We continue to monitor this developing situation keep posted as your flight may be subject to possible cancellation.